Long Monitor Arm GS BMA-1 / 2 / 3GS

Gas Pressure-Operated
Long Monitor Arm

Long Monitor Arm GS BMA-1 / 2 / 3GS

Gas Pressure-Operated
Long Monitor Arm

This Monitor Arm is gas pressure-operated and It is light and easy to maneuver.
The Arm is 78 cm (30.7 in) long in total, so you can arrange your monitors as you wish.


Expand Your Gaming Desk’s Possibilities
with a Highly-Customizable Display Arrangement

A Monitor Arm is an irreplaceable element of
a comfortable gaming environment layout.

This long arm is suitable for all sorts of playing styles.
It can extend up to 78 cm (30.7 in),
allowing you to arrange your displays as you prefer.

It now boasts of a gas pressure-operated system
for easy height arrangement,
giving you even more freedom
to intuitively build the perfect layout.


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Long Monitor Arm GS BMA-1 / 2 / 3GS 機能まとめ

A Long Arm with a Wide Moving Range

Expand your gaming desk’s possibilities with this Long Arm
that extends to a maximum of 78 cm (30.7 in).
With a wider moving range than the standard monitor arms’,
it allows you to build surprising layouts,
such as extending your display from the side of your desk
or creating a lying-down gaming environment.

A Long Arm with a Wide Moving Range
A Long Arm with a Wide Moving Range

Freedom of Movement

This Monitor Arm allows you to freely arrange your displays
according to your task or your playing style.
Besides just shrinking and expanding,
fine height adjustments are also effortless
thanks to the gas pressure-operated lift.

Freedom of Movement
Freedom of Movement
Freedom of Movement
Freedom of Movement

Perfect for Large-Sized Monitors

The Long Arm is perfectly suitable for large-sized monitors.
The image shows an example with two- and three-27 inch display settings.
*Make sure to check the size and weight of your displays beforehand.

Perfect for Large-Sized Monitors
Perfect for Large-Sized Monitors

More Desk Space

Using a Monitor Arm clears space on your desk. Remove the bulky monitor stands and enjoy a spacious work area.

Long Gaming Hours

Many games are concerned with sore necks, shoulders, and aching eyes. The reason might be that their displays are not at the correct height. Using the Monitor Arm allows you to build a gaming environment in which you’re comfortable playing for a long time.
More Desk Space
Long Gaming Hours

Long Pole

Using a long pole allows you to arrange your display at your preferred height. The triple type easily supports a stacked* layout.
*Two horizontal lines

Adjustable Arm Position

Once you fix the ring at your preferred height, you can set the arm up. You do not need to tighten the screws while holding the heavy arm, so it is easy to adjust the arm position on your own.
Long Pole
Adjustable Arm Position

Seven Joints

The Monitor Arm has seven joints, more than the average two to four joints of standard monitor arms. Make fine adjustments to your display arrangement as you wish.

Lightweight Gas Pressure Operation

The arm tip has a gas cylinder built in. It allows you to move the arm up and down without exerting force.
Seven Joints
Lightweight Gas Pressure Operation

Dual Type
(Two Monitors)

For multitasking gamers. You may play your game on one screen and display a strategy site or videos on the other one, use a chat app, and so on. The possibilities are endless.

Triple Type
(Three Monitors)

For gamers who play First Person Shooting games or Car Racing games, which require a wide field of vision. Placing the leftmost or rightmost monitor vertically is also useful for editing long text documents or browsing through social media.
Dual Type (Two Monitors)
Triple Type (Three Monitors)

Suitable for
VESA Mounting Interface

The included VESA plates are suitable for 75 mm and 100 mm patterns.
*Make sure to check whether or not your display is compatible with the VESA Mounting Interface beforehand.

Quick Release System
for Easy Attachment

Once you have fixed the VESA plate to the back of the display, simply mount it in the monitor holder until it clicks. You can attach and detach the displays easily and safely on your own.
Suitable for VESA Mounting Interface
Quick Release System for Easy Attachment

Clamp Method /
Grommet Method Attachment

Choose your preferred attachment method.
Clamp Method: an easy way of attaching the Arm to your desk without scratching it.
Grommet Method: a solid, stable way of attaching the Arm to your desk with a screw.
*Make sure to check beforehand if your desk has no weight limit or resistance issues.

Monitor Holder Stiffness

When there are issues with the monitor’s angle adjustment, such as the monitor holder joint being too stiff for the monitor to move, or it being too loose and letting the monitor tilt immediately, you can adjust it by tightening or loosening the monitor holder’s bolt.
*The monitor holder screws may be too loose in their initial state. Tighten the screws and check that the monitor holder is stable before setting your monitor up.
Clamp Method / Grommet Method Attachment
Adjustable Monitor Holder Stiffness

USB Port

The Monitor Arm takes its power from the PC or from a power outlet, and it makes it possible for you to charge your devices in a sleek way using short cables on your desk.

Cable Storage
and Clip

A cable storage space is built in at the bottom of the arms. A clip that can be set up on the main arm is also included, so you can hide the cables from the monitors’ surroundings and store them inconspicuously.
USB Port
Cable Storage and Clip

Perfect for
Standing Desks

Whenever using a height-adjustable standing desk, you need to adjust the display’s height as well. We recommend a gas pressure-operated Monitor Arm for ease of height adjustment.

Slim Monitor Arm

This Monitor Arm can be folded into a flat shape, making it suitable for narrow spaces. We recommend it for use on desks with a short depth.
Perfect for Standing Desks
Slim Monitor Arm

Cooperated with


Color Black
Size refer to size information below
Weight BMA-1GS-BK:5.27kg
Components aluminum, plastic, steel
Surface Finish powder coating
Weight Limit Between 2 and 9 kg (4.4 to 19.8 lbs)
*Per arm
Compatible Desk Surfaces Clamp Method : Depth: 20-120 mm (0.78-4.7 in)
Grommet Method : Depth: 20-100 mm (0.78-3.9 in)
MSRP Varied
JAN Code BMA-1GS-BK:4589946144307


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