Dual Desks (large)

Treat yourself with 2 main desks and 1 side one that will make full use of the space in the corner. This L-shaped layout expands your workspace, creating a vast area a single desk could never provide. This layout is sure to provide an overwhelming amount of space for you to work while also linking the desks together with a corner desk. This way, you can easily change the desks to suit your needs and gaming style, like making a large curved monitor your main focus or gaming with your keyboard and mouse. With your game console on the other desk, you can play in comfort, altering between both sources as you like. It’s super comfortable either way and you can fully engross yourself your games.
Gaming Desk BHD-800CM / 1000M / 1200M
Gaming Desk
BHD-800CM / 1000M / 1200M
Corner Desk BHD-700K
Corner Desk
Retrofitting Keyboard Slider BHP-K70/K1000
Retrofitting Keyboard Slider
Gaming Ottoman BOT-700
Gaming Ottoman
Desk and Chair Mat BCM-120 / 160
Desk and Chair Mat
BCM-120 / 160
Gaming Chair G-530
Gaming Chair